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Mz. RahDretta "RahD" Deflanders

Over 18years as a licensed Master Cosmetologist, Virginia. Georgia, & Florida. As a Loctician, I'm a Certified Sisterlock Consult who specializes in interlocking techniques.

My focus is on the health of my clients' scalp and hair, not just look. I always reminder my clients, "A healthy scalp produces healthy hair." As a team, I work with my clients to achieve the hair style they desire with their individual hair texture in mind.

This brings me to why I love LOCS/LOCKS!! Every person's hair creates its own unique set of locs that are different from anyone else's locs, in the world. What other hair styling techniques do you know that does that!? The trick is choosing the locking technique that works best with YOUR hair.

When you come in for your install consultation, I'll complete a hair and scalp analysis. Then we'll discuss your lifestyle, home hair styling regimen and your hair goals. Using the information gathered, I'll resent the locking technique that I think would work best for you.

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