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TruClean ScalpCare™ Clarifying Shampoo

TruClean ScalpCare™ Clarifying Shampoo

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TE's comprehensive clarifying shampoo made exclusively for clients with Starter locks who also struggle with dry scalp issues. Ultra infused with Zinc, Tea Tree, Mint, and Aloe Vera, our TruClean ScalpCare shampoo is made with naturally derived ingredients formulated to deep clean your hair without stripping its natural oils. It removes buildup, soothes itchy, dry scalp, and balances the pH of both your hair and scalp. Use this shampoo to maintain the health of your locs and aid in the natural locking process. The rich lather and stimulating tingle of tea tree & mint provides a wonderful shampoo experience that's sure to excite your senses‼️ For even healthier hair, order our Ocean Water! It's our daily loc spray w/rose water and botanicals‼️
(1) Bottle: TruClean ScalpCare™ Clarifying Shampoo - 8oz

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